Aftermath is the first episode of RvB: Perfect Soldier.

Chapter One: AftermathEdit

Agent Leo of Project ORION stood at the gravesite, looking down at where his loved one would rest forever.

A strange mix of emotions swirled through him, like the wirpool that swollowed Sherlock Holmes and Mortiarty. One one side there was pure rage, against that of Project Freelancer, and against his own Project. On the other... deep sadness. Montana had been the only thing he had left in the world, besides his armor. Even she had been taken. Rage pulsed through him.

The crackling of dried leaves alerted him. He spun around, to see another soldier, wearing green armor, head off. He had blue eyes, blonde hair, and was clean shaven. His codename was Gemini. Leo nodded numbly as Gemini took a step closer.

"You've got to let this go, Leo," Gemini said, looking concerend. Leo was his best friend, and to see him like this...

"She was the only thing that mattered," Leo said, mock laughing as a thought occured to him, "it's like some modern day Romeo and @#$##@# Juliet. Except I'm going to die next."

"Don't think like that. She's gone, and nothing you do will change that," Gemini said sternly. He had never seen Leo like this. Sure, he had never been one for optimisim, but now... he looked like the world was ending. Like hope was completely gone. He looked dead.

"Oh, but I can do something," Leo said, the old manic grin back in his eye, "I can make anyone and everyone responsible for her death's life a living hell. I can find them, make them suffer."

"Even me?"

"Not you. You're going to help me."

Leonard Church, Director of Project Freelancer, leaned back in his chair. Another agent lost. Montana. Word had it that her lover, Agent Leo from ORION, wasn't taking it to well. The Director smiled. He had been the one to make sure they weren't caught. From that first mission when they fought breifly, to her death at the hands of Wyoming.., it was all part of the plan.

For years, he had been searching for the Perfect Soldier. Now he thought he had finally found one.

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