"yeeeaaaah boooooiiii"- Agent Christmas's catchphrase

Project Freelancer Agent Christmas was part of a special project (Project Double Up) produced by The Director that had two Freelancers with experimental suits that could only activate each others armor ability, meaning they had to always work together on missions. Chistmas was assigned to this project with fellow Freelancer Agent Lord Howe  who were then both renamed to Australian States instead of American ones to signify that they are different to other agents. He was also one of the first members of Project Double Up. A report by The Director indicates that Agent Christmas was bit of a lose canon type solider and may not follow tactics in the heat of combat. During a mission to find the identity of a Freelancer traitor, Agent San Diego found and killed both Lord Howe and Christmas, there bodies later found by Agents TasmaniaNew South WalesQueensland and Victoria.


Name: Christmas

Real Name: Unknown

Nick-name: C

Affiliation: Project Freelancer

Project Double Up

 Status: KIA

Armor color(s): Red,green

Relative(s): Unknown

Armor Enhancement: Magnatic polarity 

Partners: Lord Howe , South Australia, West Australia, Tasmania


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