Miya Croft
'Current Armor Model (to be updated to Halo 5 armour
Name: Miya Croft
Affiliations: UNSC (Formerly)

Project Freelancer

First Appearance: Unknown
Armor Color(s): Primary Black Secondary Teal
Occupation(s): Assassin and infiltrations expert
Weapon(s): Standard DMR and Shotgun.
Relative(s): Agent Michigan brother (not by blood)

Agent Connecticut Sister (not by blood)

Armor Enhancement: Active Camo and healing unit
Voice Actor: Anniston Moray

"Like I mean... who wouldn't love Nor-wait! Ignore what I just said I didn't just - ahh umm I'm just going to shut up now..."

- Agent Colorado accidentally revealing that she likes North Dakota to New York.

Agent Colorado, real name Miya Croft. Is a former agent of Project Freelancer, her AI Mu helps her keep her emotions and previously constant panic attacks under control and manageable. Before Joining Project Freelancer she was the leader of a small group of UNSC soldiers. Who were soon killed of by Agent Montana under the order of the Director, who showed great interest in her skills in moving larger groups of people around enemy soldiers undetected. She is very good with almost any weapon she can get her hands on, the sniper is the only exception. Agent North Dakota had tried teaching her on many occasions, but it was just a weapon she could never quite grasp.


Before FreelancerEdit

Before Project Freelancer Miya was recruited into the UNSC, when she had snuck into a heavily guarded facility controlled by the UNSC to search their files, for reasons unknown. Soon after being recruited into the UNSC Miya was suited with the responsibility of 5 men to go under the radar and work their way into enemy lines and collect files. Her abilitys was able to successfully collect highly secured files the UNSC would have worked years to get. Her unit members had been killed a few years later by Agent Montana. Later revealed to Miya by the Director that he was the one who had sent Agent Montana to kill her unit members, in the hopes of gaining her in his program.

Being RecruitedEdit

The UNSC had a habit of selling unneeded or unwanted soldiers. It just happened to be at that time two people had their eyes on her years before her unit was disposed of, when the UNSC were first come to about selling their soldiers they were spectical at first. The man introduced himself as Dr. Leonard Church, and that he was starting a program called Freelancer, a group of Elite Super Soldiers, and that he had an eye on the leader of the unnamed deceased unit members. When asked about it the UNSC agreed without a second though as Miya had been struck with mild depression, anxiety and constant panic attacks. Dr. Leonard Church declared that is would be no problem and that he would be able to work around these minor things. Miya was later suited with Warrior Shield armour and a Recon BDA helmet, the armours primary colour being Pepper and the secondary being Azure, her visor colour being King. Almost as soon as she was equiped with her armour she was implanted with an A.I named Mu.

About ColoradoEdit


Although throughout most of Project Freelancer Miya struggled with anxiety and sudden panic attachs she's seen as a mostly friendly person, sometimes seeming a little cold. She's more on the shy side of thigs if anything. She tends to not talk to people unless spoken too. Even then her voice is quiet and timid. She's very protective of people she's become close to. She's more open and talkative with people she's more comfortable with.


Miya is often times mistaken for a teen, and although she's only in her early twenties she hates being referred to as a kid. Although she has a tendency of wearing her armour almost every time she steps foot out of her room when ever she is helmetless she's shown to have dirty blonde hair cut into a shaggy pixie she has pinned back. Her eyes an ocean blue colour. She often wears sweatpants along with a baggy t-shirt with the projects logo on the front. She's an average height, almost being the same height at Agent New York. Her skin tone is a fairly light tan.


• Agent Michigan: brother figure

• Agent New York: Drinking buddy

• Agent New Jersey: childhood friend

• Agent North Dakota: Best Friend/Personal Therapist

• Agent Connecticut: Sister figure

• Agent Illinois: Drinking buddy


Miya loves joking around with Michigan, teasing him and bugging him randomly and making sure he doesn't realize it's her, although at this point when ever something odd happens he automatically assumes it Miya. She really loves animals, any type of animals. She absolutely adores German Shepherds. She will just melt at the sight of a German Shepherd, and look like she may die when she sees a puppy. She loves people who play the guitar.


Miya dislikes Agent Montana a lot, she was originally fine with Montana until it was accidentally slipped that she was the one who had killed her unit. She also dislikes people who lie and are rude. There isn't anything she hates more than people who dislike animals, more so if they hate dogs.


There are many things Miya keeps hidden from everyone. Even people she trust a lot. One being the fact that there is one person who has caught her attention. It mostly has something to do with the fact that he has help her through some of the worst panic attachs she's had. He has sat with her for hours making sure she was okay before he even thought about leaving her side. Although she doesn't really like his other twin because of how rude she is at times, Miya actually really like to hang out with his twin.

Miya had actually snuck a German Shepherd she named Riley onto the MoI. She loved the pup to bits. Hiding her from almost everyone. Except for Agents North Dakota, Michigan and Connecticut.

Miya although she dose drink she doesn't like she idea of getting so drunk you don't remember what had happened the night before. She won't actually tell York that because she enjoys Yorks stupidity when he's drunk.

Where is she nowEdit

After the downfall of Project Freelancer Agent Colorado was no where to be found, many agents who were still alive questioned if she was alive or dead. Truth be told she had wanted to leave the Project along with Tex, North and York. She had wanted to leave long before they wanted to, and she was very willing to do anything to leave. She had stayed with York for awhile before she decided to split up with him and find North and Tex. She soon found out that North had been shot in the back by someone unknown, and left to die. By the fact that his AI was missing when she showed up she assumed that it had something to do with the Meta, former agent Maine. She soon went into hiding. Her voice silenced when the news of what happened to York found its way to her, salt over a opened wound.

She soon left her armour, hoping to have a normal life on Earth. Her armour and weapons hidden within her closet for a day she may need it again.

She soon earned a job working as a Mercenary, a gun for hire. She worked for who ever paid, and when they paid it was a big pay. She would assassinate gang leaders, working her way into their system undetected. Although the pay was good, she had a nice play to live, her once bright ocean eyes were dull looking almost grey. Her lively shy attitude was replaced with a cold star and a response of silence to any who tried to talk to her. For years her voice was silcened, before she saw the news about Chrous, that Washington and Carolina were alive. She may not have been as close to them as she was with York and North but she knew them, they understood what she had gone through, and they were working with Reds and Blues. A group of colourful sim troupers turned heros.

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