"We all have that moment David. When we come to realize what we are now, what we've become, what we will always be,"-Vegas to his friend and former fellow soldier David Branson


Marshall Hoak was born in Victoria, British Columbia and had a mostly normal childhood until he was eighteen. His dad fought in the war and was taken down by a squad of Covenant soldiers, so in his father's honor he joined the army. He was soon stationed at the red team base on sidewinder where he stayed for three years.

Project Freelancer

After a few years, Marshall was invited to join Project Freelancer under the name of Agent Las Vegas, and he graciously accepted. Once he arrived, he met many of the freelancers and even befriended some of them. He went on many missions and even made it as one of the top ten soldiers in the program for a while.


While Vegas was still a part of project freelancer, he was one of the few soldiers chosen to have an A.I. implantation. His A.I. would have been Zeta, but before he could get Zeta Agent Washington's A.I. went insane and caused him serious damage. after that, almost all A.I. were considered a threat, and Vegas never received his Artificial Intelligence from the program.

After Project Freelancer

Soon after he was denied implantation, Vegas went AWOL and stole Zeta from storage. He and Zeta traversed the galaxy meeting past friends from the program and doing missions for hire. He knows many of his friends are dead and many are still alive, he even runs into them from time to time. He is currently alive and his location is mobile.

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