"we've tracked the Insurrectionist movement to this location and will set up a look out, we will report again if we find anything"- Lord Howe communicating with the Mother Of Invention

Freelancer Agent Lord Howe was part of a special project (Project Double Up) produced by The Director that had two Freelancers with experimental suits that could only activate each others armor ability, meaning they had to always work together on missions. Lord Howe was assigned with Agent Christmas and the two went on many missions the eliminate leaders of the Insurrectionist. During a mission to find the identity of a Freelancer traitor Agent San Diego found and killed both Lord Howe and Christmas, there bodies later found by Agents Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Lord Howe


Name: Lord Howe

Real Name: Mathew Prism

Nick-name: Howe

Affiliation: Project Freelancer

Project Double Up


 Status: KIA

Armor color(s): Indigo, Yellow

Relative(s): South Australia (sister)

Armor Enhancement: Shock Gauntlets

Partners: Christmas, South Australia, West Australia, Tasmania

Early life Edit

Lord Howe was born on the planet Arcadia during the Insurrectionist uprising and joined the UNSC`and became a ODST corporal. He eventually found out about Project Freelancer and joined instantly to fight the Insurrectionist. Later he was selected for Project Double Up and was partnered with Agent Christmas and then both renamed to Australian States instead of American ones to signify that they are different to other agents.

Trivia Edit

  • Lord Howe was the fourth member of Project Double Up.
  • Whilst searching for the Insurrectionist leaders rouge Agent New Jersey stabbed Lord Howe with an energy sword and then sticks a grenade on Agent Christmas killing them both.

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