Agent Montana
Montana profile tfa
Agent Montana as he appears in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives








Project Freelancer



Armor Color

Ruby Wine (Primary), Lavender (Secondary), Cyan (Detail)





"Yeah, you two aren’t…?"

"What? ….oh, no. With him? No, no, no. He’s my closest friend, or something like that. Nah, he just hangs around me. It’s comforting I guess."

- Agent Vermont denies having feelings for Montana to Agent Virginia.

Agent Montana is one of the primary protagonists, an Agent of Project Freelancer in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives Season One. He made his first appearance in Fresh Meat, First Blood.

Role in the PlotEdit

Arrival at the Mother of InventionEdit

Agent Montana is taken to the Mother of Invention by Four Seven Niner. Due to the fact that The Director is not present, his 'dumb A.I.' named F.I.L.S.S. is forced to introduce he and his other companions. Upon arrival he, Oklahoma, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Dakota, Florida, Jersey, Vermont and Oregon are brought before the first initiates into Project Freelancer. After dispersing, Agent Virginia approaches him and the woman he loves, his best friend, Vermont. Virginia initiates nervous flirting with the girl much to Montana’s disgust; forcing Montana to flee the area in anger.

Armor EnhancementEdit

Agent Montana’s armor enhancement has not yet made an appearance in the series.


Combat ArmorEdit

Agent Montana's combat armor consists of a Mark VI Helmet, Mark VI Shoulder Pads and a Mark VI Chestplate. His armor colors consist of Ruby Wine primary colors, Lavender secondary colors and Cyan armor details.

List of InjuriesEdit

Montana has not yet received any significant injuries in active duty.

Montana symbol tfa

Agent Montana's 'Mark of Shame' Emblem


Agent Montana is victimised thus far throughout his story. He is an innocent male who is being used by the woman he loves for personal gain. Though he’s realised this, he reacts depressed and quiet hiding from most and following Vermont around where he can like a lost puppy.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Agent Montana’s skills and abilities have not been explored. However, he is described as a bulky man so it is greatly suggested that he is an overpowered and incredibly strong warrior.


Agent VermontEdit

Vermont arrives at the Mother of Invention with Agent Montana. It is suggested by how rudely she treats him, and by the fact he genuinely loves her that she is simply using his feelings for her own gain. As a result, Montana is left broken and depressed.

Agent VirginiaEdit

Agent Virginia and Agent Montana’s relationship has not yet been fully explored. However, it is greatly suggested by the fact that Virginia flirts with Vermont that he is interested in the woman, and this clearly makes Montana develop a distaste for the guy.


  • Agent Montana’s emblem is called the ‘Mark of Shame’
    • The author Agent_Rhode has revealed there is a reason to this, however this has not been revealed at this time
  • The similar armor colours to Vermont are representing how much he waits on, or bends the knee to her.
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