"Agent Pennsylvania", also known as "Penn", was a Agent in the Freelancer Program. He was implanted with the AI "Rose", and was given an advanced Sprint as an armor ability. He was noted as one of the best Freelancer's in hand to hand combat and was a respected weapons expert. He was an excellent sniper and was rivaled only by North Dakota. Along with his ability to handle long range situations, he rivaled the likes of Carolina and York in Hand to Hand Combat.


Agent Pennsylvania is noted as being an isolated agent, opening up to very few individuals. This is due to both his past experiences as a "Lone Wolf" as well as his extensive combat capabilities. Although he is isolated, he is loyal and cares for Project Freelancer's agents and would put himself in front of harms way before his fellow Agents. Agent Oregon is one of Agent Penn's closest friends, being both a mentor and teammate of his. Penn fell into a deep depression once Oregon was killed by getting shot in the chest five times while on a covenant banshee ship then it crashed and killed Oregon he used to wear mark five with ODST helmet but he was wearing mark IV at the time of his death.


Agent Pennsylvania, due to his background as a "Lone Wolf" has had most of his files covered by the Director himself. From what's been collected from the archives, this is Agent Pennsylvania's background.

Name: [Cameron Colter]

Home world: United States, Earth

D.O.B: [Classified]

Occupation: Freelancer Agent

Status: MIA

AI: "Rose"

Armor Enhancement: Advanced Sprint Unit

Specialization: [Sniper and hand to hand combat]

Special Notes: Has a close relationship with fellow Agent, Oregon. Penn was a past member of The odst his current status is MIA.

Artificial IntelligenceEdit

Agent Pennsylvania's AI, code named "Rose" is unlike the other companions of the Agents. "Rose" was a gift from an unknown accomplice in the Agents past life as a parting gift before his integration into the program. "Rose"'s abilities in combat themselves are limited, but help him run his Armor's enhancements with little focus. Although Agent Pennsylvania was given the option to upgrade to a better AI, he refused.


Agent Pennsylvania, like most other Agents, was issued the standard issue Mark IV Armor after finishing his training. Although most Agents never modified their Armor, Agent Pennsylvania spray painted his Armor White and Green as well as replaced to standard Blue Visor with a Green and wight to match his new found colors. He upgraded his helmet to Mjolnir Scout Variant not long after finishing his training.

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