"please…. stop... please…. ahhh hah….. haaagh"

-Tasmania after Agent Carolina gets moved down a spot on the leaderboards and challenges Tasmania and New South Wales to a match.

Freelancer Agent Tasmania was part of a special project (Project Double Up) produced by The Director that had two Freelancers with experimental suits that could only activate each others armor ability, meaning they had to always work together on missions. Tasmania was assigned to this project with fellow Freelancer Agent  New South Wales who were then both renamed to Australian States instead of American ones to signify that they are different to other agents. He was also one of the first members of Project Double Up.


Agent Tasmania


Name: Tasmania

Real Name: Unknown

Nick-name: Taz

Affiliation: Project Freelancer

New South Wales

Project Double Up


 Status: MIA

Armor color(s): Violet, Yellow

Relative(s): Agent Queensland (sister)

Armor Enhancement: Advanced Sprint Unit

Favorite color: Purple

Partners: New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Norfolk, West Australia, South Australia, AC, Hawaii (KIA), Montana (KIA), Illinois (KIA), T99, General, Hopper, Basic, Saxophone, Pronto (KIA), Clubby (KIA), Backbone, Duty (KIA), Opsekuss (KIA), Agent Lord Howe, Agent Christmas

Early LifeEdit

Tasmania when he was young loved swimming and competed in many races. He was only 18 when he joined Project Freelancer with his sister Queensland and was very protective of his little sister making sure she was not hurt. New South Wales was the first Freelancer he befriended and the two became good partners after they were picked for Project Double Up.


Agent Tasmania wore a Mjolnir Mark 6 chest armor and leg armor he also had CQB helmet and shoulders. Tasmania spray painted his armor violet and yellow.

Trivia Edit


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