Alex "Nick" Bettan
"...Here i am."





Weapons of choice

M7S Caseless Submachine Gun, Standard UNSC pistol, and his knife for use in close quarters combat.

A rather sarcastic and hard veteran of the Human-Covenant war, his time spent in cryo sleep is much; twenty years of waiting for the chance to strike against any enemy of the UNSC Military. This veteran has learned many things, mostly the pain and suffering in the wars he had participated in.


His skills are unique, as is with every ODST in his squad. He was able to hold off a location using his skill and wit to outmaneuver the enemy and defeat them. He went one-on-one with a gravity-hammer-wielding brute, barely surviving, but surviving. He is skilled in the use of all kinds of ranged weapons, but not very good at melee combat. Alex is quite good as a teammate, but if you want him to aid you in Close Quarters Combat, you're out of luck.



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