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Alpha Red VS Alpha Blue (abbreviated as ARvAB) is a fan-made series setting in parralel universe. It shows the cast of a entire new Blue and Red teams that has been dubbed by them the Alpha Blues and the Alpha Reds, naming themselves after their base location, Alpha Base-A.

The author is set to have a few sagas going on. The first being the Alpha Chronicles, which spans the 21 episodes.

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Story ArcsEdit

The Alpha ChroniclesEdit

The Alpha Chronicles is the first saga in Alpha Red VS Alpha Blue, and sets a somewhere before the Blood Gulch Reds & Blues left Blood Gulch Outposts 1-A & B. The saga spans for more then 3 seasons.

Ink Machine SagaEdit

The Ink Machine Saga is the second main story arc that shows the Alpha Reds & Blues investigating a cargo they gotten from Command. Along with a Freelancer. However, the freelancer is wary of the actual cargo, until something happened to the Ink itself. This saga only goes for one season

The TranscendenceEdit

The Transcendence is the third main story saga setting sometime after the Alpha Chronicles. The Alpha Reds & Blue are now being hunted down by a rogue defunct Artificial Intelligence program commonly referred to as Transcendence, due to the fact it wants the Kappa A.I. and also both Captain Lux and the General as well.

Kappa SagaEdit

The Kappa Saga is the fourth main story saga and revolves around the Kappa A.I., and how she, and the other AIs were created. This saga sets just before Agent Carolina & Epsilon located the Director.

Forerunner SagaEdit

The Forerunner Saga is the fifth main story saga setting some time after the Kappa Saga. The Reds and Blues are returning back Alpha Base-A when a Guardian appears from the ground below, and it started to attack the Reds and the Blues with the Forerunner constructs. With no choice, the Reds and the Blues must stop and destroy the Guardian before it destroys them. This saga sets when Cortana starts to activate the Guardians. This saga goes for 1 season

Unnamed SagaEdit

The Unnamed Saga is thee sixth main story arc revolving around Halo 6. The Alpha Blues and the Alpha Reds assists the UNSC, Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris deal with the Guardians and the Cortana A.I.

SCP SagaEdit

After the events of the Unnamed Saga the Alpha Reds and the Alpha Blues is heading home in the UNSC Uncollected Reconstruction when it was struck a unidentified craft, and crashed into a unknown planet, where they were taken by a mysterious organisation.