Ever wonder what happened to Andy? Did he get thrown out the back end of the pelican, or did he just explode a little late? This is a story following the former theory, where out beloved irate bomb crash lands back in Blood Gulch, and meets the new gulchers of BoBG.

Written by III Cypher III (talk) 21:30, July 31, 2012 (UTC)


"Um...Martinez? What is this?" Chief asked the question everyone else had at the moment. The blues had assembled in the meeting room, Martinez standing proudly beside the table as it was occupied by a large round...thing. Iron Fist held a look of indifference, Faith and Sam had hands on their heads in confusion, Jenkins was muttering about how stupid the whole thing was, and Chief was just looking at it in curiousity.

"Oh, that's easy Chief," Martinez said happily, "it's a talking bomb!" Que the face slaps. Sam was the first to recover, walking over to his friend.

"Uh, Larry? Remember how I said not to..." Whatever else the rookie blue said was not loud enough for everyone to hear, but the look on Martinez's face said it all. It morphed from confusion, to shock, to surprise, and then to disappointment.

As Sam pulled away, Martinez protested loudly. "But I didn't do that!"

"Then what makes you think this....bowling ball can talk?"

"'Cause I CAN talk you frickin' moron!"

Everyone immediately turned to the bomb, who's lights seem to pulse now that it was fully aware of it's surroundings.

"What the hell is everyone staring at? Never seen a talkin' bomb before?!"

Nobody bothered speaking up, and continued to look at the bomb with various emotions: surprise, astonishment, confusion, and pride.

"See! I told you!"

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