Base of Horror is the Halloween episode of Battle of Blood Gulch Season 2. It was written by Purple dempsey 222. It is his only episode ever. (It will hopefully stay that way.)

Part 1: Red base, October 31, 8:00Edit

"Wanna hear a scary story?" said R.S. during the newest Friday the 13th that Maddox had gotten. "I guess." everybody said. So the Red team sat down and R.S. began. "One Halloween in a Red base simillar to this one, a Red team simillar to this one....GOT MURDERED!!" "And?" asked Alexa. "That's it." said R.S. "That was horrible!" shouted Kilgrave. "The Regular Show halloween episode was scarier!" said Templar. "You watched that?" asked Song. "No...Anyways let's get back to the movie." So they did.

More later....

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