Battle of Ravine: Relived is a continuation on the great series of "Battle of Blood Gulch" and it's three seasons. After the past events of these periods of time, the Blues and Reds are left to drift. As a "show of kindness" on the UNSC's part, the former teammates and enemies are relocated to a new base, a region called "Ravine".

Considered a reboot, I'm leaving it up to the authors of the previous characters to decide whether they will be returning. It is a new RP, and such, several slots on both teams are open. To prevent the adding of random characters who don't make appearances, as seen on the RP: Battle of Blood Gulch page, I'm putting a limit of four new characters per team.


  1. Zeon and I, Cypher, are in charge.
  2. New characters require a full page of description (personality, physical appearance, past, etc.) and must be categorized as a BoBG character.
  3. Following their creation, dedicate a page to their arrival, focusing on them only. Then go ahead and make more involving others as you learn more about those who are also present.
  4. Stories created by you should focus primarily on your character.
  5. Freelancers are not allowed for creation and addition to this RP.
  6. Have a good time.

Note: Your characters should have their appearance corresponding with the Halo 4 Engine. If you lack such ability to post images, I, Cypher, am willing to recreate them for you.

Team MembersEdit

Blue TeamEdit

  • Commander Joseph "Chief" Carpenter - Blue Team Leader.
  • Staff Sergeant Samuel "Sam" Harrison - Blue Team Second in Command, Cook and Scout.
  • Second Lieutenant Allen "Allen" Rider - Blue Team, Grenadier and Navigator.
  • Lance Corporal Adam "Coop" Cooper - Blue Team, Marksman/Sniper.
  • [Slot Open]
  • [Slot Open]
  • [Slot Open]

Red TeamEdit

  • ''Commander ''''''Jamous Killgrave - Red Team Leader.
  • Doctor Richard Maddox  - Red Team Medic and Chief Scientist.
  • Corporal Alexa Woods - Red Team Marksman.
  • Private First Class Frank "Franky" Jenson - Recon and Scout.
  • [Slot Open]
  • [Slot Open]
  • [Slot Open]

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