Blood Gulch
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The Blood Gulch Box Canyon




Operational as Simulation Bases

Blood Gulch is the name of a Box Canyon located in an unknown desert. Blood Gulch has been seized and used by Project Freelancer for the use of Simulation Bases. It makes an appearance in The Freelancer Archives.


Blood Gulch is a large and barren place, the heat often considered unbearable. The multiple suns of the Planet's system prevent there from ever being night time. On one side is Red Base (occupied by the Red Team) and at the other side is the Blue Base that houses members of simulation Blue Team. There is very little plant life in the canyon. On one length is a set of complex caves and on the other length is a high ridgeline that is often used as a sniper perch. The bland terrain with little cover makes this canyon a challenging Simulation scenario for Freelancer training.

Role in PlotEdit

Blood Gulch is the Simulation canyon that Agent York is assigned in his first mission. He is assigned by Red Team to kill a member of Blue Team Lenny Cheese. While at the Simulation Base York learns of a recent casualty of Red Team member Jenkins (that actually turned out to be a hoax that resulted in Jenkins joining the Blue Team), as well as the backstories behind Reds Hank Mutton, Mickey Baker, Bud and Sally. Upon killing Cheese York realises that this was the first time he'd ever killed someone and is immediately overwhelmed with grief and guilt. To make matters worse Blues Alfonse Dingo, Vince Johnson lose themselves in fits of depression.


  • The version of Blood Gulch that features in Up Close and Personal is the Halo multiplayer map Blood Gulch from Halo: Combat Evolved.

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