Blue Team
Simulation 'Blue Army' Flag


Blue Team


Sidewinder, Blood Gulch, Valhalla


Red Team



The 'Blue Army' is a Simulated Army created by Project Freelancer in order to train Freelancers, to prepare them for battle. They made their first appearance in 'Up Close and Personal'. As far as the Blue Team soldiers are aware, their only enemy in the simulated Civil War is the: Red Team.


Simulation Teams are made up of three to nine soldiers. Personnel are made up of low test scoring soldiers from the UNSC who would originally have been rejected from joining the army. The soldiers are then selected and assigned to a simulation base, led to believe their mission is to destroy the opposing team in their battlefield. For the Blues this would be Red Team. Simulation Troopers are allowed to contact 'Command' a branch of Project Freelancer and call for assistance. Freelancers will then be dropped into battle in which they can use the Simulation Teams as practice for a real fight against The Covenant or The Insurrection. There are several Simulation Bases around the Galaxy each battlefield containing a Blue Base and a Red Base.




  • Interestingly at the times of the first season of The Freelancer Archives, the Blue Team from Rooster Teeth's Blood Gulch Chronicles are not present.

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