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Blueman was a movie based on the character of the same name. It was produced by Blue Army Films and was filmed entirely on Reach, using a realistic military base.


The film begins shortly after Jason Cobolt returns to Sapphire City after years abroad. He is immediatley aquainted with the Red Menace's corrupt regime, even being beaten down but a corrupt police officer. Returning to Cobolt Manor, Jason decides to take revenge on Red Menace by becoming a masked vigilante, Red's opposite, Blue. He takes the name Blueman and attacks the Underworld, attracting Red Menace's attention. Red immediatley deduces Blueman's identity, and lures him into a battle, where he uses his superior fighting skills to beat him to a pulp, and stands ready to kill him. A young man named James Navy rushes in and distracts Red Menace long enough for Blueman to escape with Navy in tow. Inspired by his heroics, Jason makes him his sidekick, Azure. They plan to defeat the Red Menace by attacking him legally. As Jason Cobolt, Blueman calls attention to his unpaid taxes, causing Red to be desposed by the government. Blueman encounters him, and in an enourmas battle, during which Red tries to gain access to the city's bank records, Red Menace falls off a ledge, dying.


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