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He's actually banned from touching explosives."

- Mutton warns York about Bud

Pvt. Bud is a member of the Blood Gulch Red Team, he pretends to be the demolitions expert but really is not. He is a minor character in The Freelancer Archives, appearing specifically in the episode Up Close and Personal. He, like the other members of Red Team are soldiers designed to train members of Project Freelancer in combat.

Role in the PlotEdit

The Death of JenkinsEdit

In a mission against the Blood Gulch Blue Team members of Red Team under Mutton, Pvt. Bud and Pvt. Jenkins carried explosives to a place in the canyon in order to set a trap for their enemies. Bud misunderstood the explosive power of the demo satchels and ended up accidentally blowing up Jenkins.

The Assassination of LennyEdit

Weeks later an agent of Project Freelancer, Agent York arrived to help the Red Team with a mission. York was tasked with assassinating a member of the Blue Team named Pvt. Lenny Cheese. Mutton and Bud were tasked with manning the caves. Mickey and Pvt. Sally manned the ridgeline with a sniper rifle while Bud stood alongside Mutton guarding the caves. The mission was interrupted when a Blue squad passed through the caves and were apprehended by the Reds. One of them, Pvt. Jenkins. Meanwhile York managed to kill Cheese and was taken away. Once the Freelancer had gone a massive fight broke out in which Mutton, the rest of the Reds and some of the Blues ended up dead.


Combat ArmorEdit

Bud wears Mark V Red Armor customised to single him out in the Red Team soldiers.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Bud is quite a young character who seems eager to prove himself. After the supposed death of Jenkins it remains unclear whether or not he felt any guilt. In seeing Jenkins he appears somewhat unsurprised and relatively relieved.


Hank MuttonEdit

Mutton acts as the fathering figure for Bud during his career as a Red soldier at Blood Gulch. However, Mutton also publicly humiliates and draws rank on him quite a bit.


Bud's relationship with Jenkins is not explored throughout the series due to their early deaths. Bud was assumed to have killed Jenkins, but had failed. That was it.


  • Bud has three letters in his name. The word 'Red' also has three letters. Whether or not this is intentional is unknown.

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