the mongoose used by Denver and Nargak

Episode 2: The Neighbors


Fade in to show the pilot (wearing brown armor) talking to a maroon soldier with an EOD helmet.

Pilot: So I tell this guy his girlfriend is actually a-

Unkown voice: Um. Excuse me sir.

Pilot: (To marron soldier) Hold on a sec. (To unknown speaker) Yeah what?

Shows a yellow soldier with a JFO helmet standing in front of a falcon.

Yellow Soldier: Um, the CO is here.

Pilot (Off screen) where?

Yellow soldier: behind the ship.

Camera view changes to show the back view of the falcon with the soldier in red from the last episode standing behind it.

Red soldier: Pilot, I'm trapped behind the falcon please move it.

Shows pilot and maroon soldier.

Pilot: Ugh...(perks up and looks at maroon soldier) Hey Ruben

Ruben: What?

Pilot: You ever wanted to fly one of those.

Ruben: Er um no I-I'm busy. (runs to edge of the base) I'm lookout duty.

Pilot: shut up (hits Ruben in the back causing him to fall off the base and onto the ground below.)

Ruben: Dick move man! (Looks to his side)Huh?

Shows the mongoose from the previous episode with the alien in the back and the driver (wearing a EVAc helmet) getting off.

Ruben: guys...

Camera goes to blue base to show a blue soldier in a commander helmet standing near the teleporter. The soldier is then approached by a green soldier.

Green soldier (female voice): Hey Sullivan

blue soldier/Sullivan: yeah Charity

Charity: where's Niegel and Denver?

Sullivan: Niegel said the red team got some new soldiers so he jumped on the mongoose with Denver and took off.

Charity: Oh cool, so that means its just us here then.

Brief silence in which Sullivan looks at Charity then back to where he was staring out at the base.

Sullivan: Ummm...I think as the leader I should go see how the men are doing.

Sullivan runs down the ramp and drives off in a machine gun warthog.

Charity: He's so awkward

Back to red base with lots of shooting. Ruben is avoiding plasma pistol shots while the nearby entrance is being blasted by Assault rifle bullets.

Ruben: Captain Vince! Help!

Red Soldier/Captain Vince: How I'm stuck behind the falcon.

Ruben: jump off the side hurry!

Vince: the side? are you nuts thats way to high up.

Pilot: Ruben just take cover.

Ruben: I can't. The alien is shooting at me while the guy with the skull on his face is shooting the entrance.

Vince: Holy Cow these guys are smart!

Cut to view of the mongoose with the two blues crouching behind it.

Denver: Yea! Yea! Get some!

Nigel: You're completley missing the target!

Denver: Nigel be quiet.

Nigel: For the *last* time my name is Nargak the Destroyer!

Denver: Nigel shut up.

Nargak: Be quiet and aim better.

Denver: (stops firing) I can't the paint on my helmet blocks my view.

Nargak: Well then take it off!

Denver: Are you nuts this thing is my protection!

Nargak: Oh and going into battle blind is much better.

Denver: You know what shut up and start shooting.

Nargak: I *am* shooting you're not look the maroon one got away!

Shows Ruben running into the base screaming.

Denver (standing up): I got this.

Denver throws a grenade.

Denver: How'd I do?

Camera shows that the grenade landed right in front of the mongoose with Nargak running away in the background.

Nargak: DUMBASS!



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