"Why are you worrying? I'm here. (person screams) I think that scream is my awesomeness right?"





First Appearance:

No information

Armor Color(s):

Gold with Blue trim




Grenade Launcher, Shotgun

Voice Actor:

Currently Casting

The celebrity of the Freelancers. He has always finds himself in situations that go his way, but becomes bad for others. On the field, although he can hit and get the job done. He's always the arrogent person and doesn't see the main picture of things.

Character HistoryEdit

Before FreelancerEdit

Before abduted by ONI, he was born into a weathy family and was shown different uses of media. But after being taken by ONI and put into a group of children (awaiting for the Spartan Program). To the adults he was nothing but a trouble maker and annyoing, but to the children he was their hope and entertainer, and because of this he gain the nickname California. After the the program was done on California, he survived and was placed in a new group (the others didn't survived) and became the "Main Man."

Joining the FreelancersEdit

Once he grew up, he became free going Spartan (from escaping the UNSC) and became a tag along for some secret missions. Then a dark soldier approaches him and kidnaps him. California woke up and was Freelancer HQ and was briefted by The Director and asked to be recruited. after getting a tour he decided to join.

California had fit in with the others except for one thing, he was very arrgoent and seemed to do things without thinking which became a problem to the other Freelancers. On missions would also talk about how the other Freelancers "I know you want to be me" or "if I were put as leader the team would do some much better." He'd then always get into fights with Freelancer Georgia because of Georgia's anger problem.

On one mission which was to recove a bomb California was told to stay behind and keep guard. But ofcourse Califorina didn't liston and followed the squad in secret. Once the Freelancers arrived and tried to disconnect it California had cause an alarm to go off which the secruity arrived. The other Freelancers were then to engage in battle (even though ordered not to). Then Califorina the started firing live roundthen hit the bomb which would explode in which injured and killed many. For this act The Director decided to put California apart of the rehibiliation team "Squad 101." Calfornia was then shipped to the Squad 101 HQ and was to start learning to control himself.


  • He is the only Freelancer to ever rename his AI (the original AI name was JOLT, but because of his nickname he think he sould come up with something catchy to go along with it so he picked the name FILM).
  • Hunter Candelaria (creator of Squad 101) says that "This character was someone that I though to be a combined with the personalities of Booster Gold (from DC comics) and Alvin (from Alvin and the Chipmuncks)."

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