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Agent New Jersey.

Commander Carter Drake or Agent New Jersey is a Freelancer that participated in the Fall of Reach by trying to defend the AI Sato until it was destroyed by the Elite Zealot Seta' Velimai but creating the AI Akula with the help of Catherine Elizabeth Halsey. He also participated in Operation: Renegade which was his first mission as a Freelancer. He is the son of the ODST Veteran John Drake and Japanese UNSC Air Force Pilot Keica Goto (his Japanese mother resulted in his Japanese Middle Name.)
Carter Nagase Drake


Freelancer Agent/Commander


2531/08/11 00:10


Miskolcs, Hungary, Earth

Hair color

Dark Brown (Almost Black)

Eye Color


Commonly used Weapon

DMR, Energy Sword

Common Quote

Mind over matter, I mean... would you be a retard with a tank or a war hero with a pistol?


Caucasian, Human


English, Hungarian by birth place




One of the most notable things on Jersey's armor is the Air Assault Helmet which has Up-Armored and has a Hardened Uplink Node. On his left shoulder there is a GUNGNIR plate, this is particulary imptortant to protect him when charging at enemies. He has a Recon Chest Plate to help him in infiltration missions. However, none of these are more important than the Wrist-Blade: an orange hard light blade that can extend and retract from his wrist guard.

Relationships with other FreelancersEdit

Agent Carolina: He had a friendly rivalry with Carolina's Infiltration and Marksman skills.

Agent Washington: He was good friends with Wash, on the same level as Wash with York.

Agent New York: The 2 rivalved each other as the main Infiltrators but still were good friends.

Agent North Dakota: He was good friends with North.

Agent Wyoming: He hated Wyoming and never trusted him for his violent traits.

Agent Texas: He rivalved Tex's skills

Agent Maine: Absolutely hated him.

Agent Conneticut: Was suspicious of her but wasn't annoyed by C.T's chatty traits

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