Chasing Down Ghosts is the 9th episode of Back to Blood Gulch season one and was written by Cyrus Arc

Song awoke with a spring, hearing a scream. Maddox He thought. He dashed down the hallway and stopped at an opening, seeing Krayson floating through the air. What in the name.... Song thought as he ran towards the opening. Just then Swanson and Clay came running around the corner. "He can't have gotten far!" Clay yelled, "But I still hate you!". They both turned and saw Song. "Where have you been sunshine?" Swanson smirked. "I think I saw a flaoting blue CO go that way." Song explained in a slightly shaking voice, pointing outside. Swanson ran past him pulling Song's arm towards the entrance with Clay close behind. they stopped right outside the entrance, looking around. "Guys..." Clay said, extremely scared. "What?" Swanson asked, turning around. Song turning with him when he saw it. A huge mine plastered right above the opening. "GET DOWN!" Swanson yelled, grabbing Song and Clay.

Jenkins, Sam, Martinez, Iron Fist, Alexa, and Killgrave ran out. "Where did Swanson and Clay go?" Jenkins asked as they sprinted outside. "They went a different direction!" Alexa yelled, "To find Song!" they ran outside and stopped. "Where did Krayson go?" Martinez asked, looking around. "" Sam started, before he could finish, severel loud bangs in succession went off around them all. On the ground, on the wall, almost everywhere around them was nothing but fire and loud noises. Every soilder dropped and covered their head. Maddox! Alexa screamed in her head.

Song got up first, looking around and assesst the situation. As he was looking around and looked to the opening, now crumbled filling half the entrence. Swanson and Clay got up, and also started looking around. Song saw a figure moving towards Blue Base. Song ran towards that direction, and Swanson was right behind him. Clay was about to follow, when a groaning stopped him. "Maddox!" Clay exclaimed, runnning towards him. "Ow my head..." Maddox groaned"

The other blues and reds ran towards the other side of the base, and stopped when they found Clay and Maddox. "Maddox! Clay! What happened?" Killgrave asked, supporting Maddox. "Song and Swanson found something! They ran off towards blue base!" Clay said, looking at Alexa. "I'll take the blues and head over there, Song and Swanson could be in big trouble.

Back and Blue Base, Krayson's eyes opened halfway. he looked up and saw a camoflauged helmet above him. "I've been looking for you." He whispered. "I know" the firgure answered him.

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