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Lieutenant (Lt.) Chuck Tester is the scout of the Blue Team stationed at Sidewinder Gulch. He makes his first appearance in Up Close and Personal. He, like other members of Blue Team are soldiers designed to train members of Project Freelancer in live-fire training exercises.

Role in the PlotEdit

The Freelancer CoupEdit

Two members of Project Freelancer, Agents Utah and Alaska were assigned to the Red Team in order to help them steal the Blue Team's flag. However, the mission had fallen sideways and the Red leader had died. This resulted in a temporary alliance between both the Reds and the Blues in order to kill both of the Freelancers.

Lt. Chuck Tester was part of the final assault against the two. As the Reds and Blues clambered up the cliffs to where the two Freelancers were holding out Agent Utah was forced to fire a spray of bullets into Chuck's torso with an Assault Rifle. Utah immediately regretted doing so, understanding that Chuck had a family back at home.


Blue Combat ArmorEdit

Chuck had fully equipped Blue Team Mark V standard Armor.

Personality and SkillsEdit

It is revealed during a scene of reflection that Chuck is a father of a family away from the war. Agent Utah or Project Freelancer expresses guilt in killing him - this is due to the fact that the war Chuck is fighting is believed to be real in his mind. The truth is the war is all simulated for the training of the agents. Now Chuck's family will never see him again.


  • Chuck Tester derives from the meme: 'Nope! Chuck Testa!'

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