Dead Airlanes is the fifth episode of Battle of Blood Gulch Season Two. It was written by Zwd 04:23, October 15, 2011 (UTC).


The Reds and Blues continued their daily buisness, each blissfully unaware of the new threat hanging over their heads.

Chief yawned, stretching up, and looked over at Sam. "Hey, Samuel," he called. The private looked up, confused. "What?" "You want to go out and help me do something?" "Why not? It would be better than staying with these iditos."

Chief nodded and started jogging back towards Blue Base, while a drying Sam sprinted after him. Meanwhile, someone watched from the cliffs, making sure everything was as usual.

Clay was interrupted from his revelry of watching Alexa work when someone asked politely, with a joking tone of voice to it, "Excuse me, Mister? I'm supposed to report to Captain... Song?"

Clay looked up, annoyed. Alexa looked up as well. The man who spoke was obviously a rookie. Orange armor adorned his body, and his exposed head showed a black man with a playful expression on his face. His hair was shaved military style.

"Okay," Alexa said, walking over, "Song's a little... busy right now, so as far as I know, with Killgrave off at Command getting orders, I'm in charge."

"What?!" Clay said, jumping up, "I'm the sergeant." Alexa turned around and kicked him. "Well," she continued, "I got a promotion. You don't have to worry about him," she said, turning to look at Killgrave. "Well," she finished, "what can I do for you?"

The rookie paused for a moment. "Well," he began, "do you have any drinks? Non-alchoholic?" "I think we have some water in the fridge," Alexa replied, "I guess that'll work. Clay, you watch over the rookie. By the way, what's you name?"

The rookie brightened, "Sgt. James Templar!" he cried. Alexa chuckled, amused by his enthusiasim, and strode away. Clay fought down the urge to kill Templar right then and there.

Chief and Sam stopped at Blue Base, where Chief rummaged for a minute before coming out, holding a small handfull of needles.

"Sir?" Sam asked, "what are those for?" "They're knockout darts, just issued. Got 'em for serving at Reach!" "Amazing! Why are we going to use them for?" "And that, my friend, is why you're with me. Get ready for phase 2 of Operation: Get Swanson Back With The Use of These Convient Knockout Darts and His Unusually Hot Girlfriend."

"That was a bit... specific..."

Alexa brought back the water, smiling. She handed one to Templar, who grinned and raised it up, as in cheers. "Bottoms up. And no, that doesn't mean you can dress casually!" Alexa laughed again, and Clay glared at him. With this new recruit, the competition was a lot more heated. If only Krayson where here. He'd give Clay some good advice.

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