Ghosts of Harvest

First Appearance

The Ghosts

Number of Members



Evan "Spike" Myers

Date Formed

December 27th, 2549


Ultio Et Victoria (Vengeance and Victory)


The Ghosts of Harvest is an 8-person Special Ops team formed on December 27, 2549 by ONI. The Ghosts primarily worked as a seek and destroy team against the Covenant as well as Insurrectionist forces, believed by some of the Covenant to be vengeful spirits from the Battle of Harvest.


The team had become well known for their diverse range of skills including: Close quarters combat, demolitions, heavy weapons, stealth, sniping, engineering, and piloting.

Team MembersEdit

Evan "Spike" MyersEdit

  • Team Leader, CQC Specialist

Maria DiazEdit

  • Second-In-Command, Heavy Weapons Expert

James NortonEdit

  • Team Demoman

Lucas GordonEdit

  • Team Assassin

Eve McLainEdit

  • Team Sniper

Jacob CarpenterEdit

  • Team Rifleman

Grant BaughmanEdit

  • Team Pilot

Martin WilsonEdit

  • Team Mechanic, Co-Pilot

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