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Title(s) Akatosh
Armor Color Dark Blue
Species Human
Weapon(s) Assault Rifle, Magnum
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) '
Former Affiliation(s) '
  • Project Freelancer
Occupation(s) *Freelancer Agent (Formally)
Personal Status
Status Active
Image Gallery

Agent Israel was a former Freelancer agent for Project Freelancer, and the host of the Chronos A.I. who allows him to operator the Temporal Distortion Unit with more complete control and accuracy then that of the Gamma A.I.

Agent Israel is among the top agents in the Project, being rivals to Agent Camelot, Tex and Carolina. However, when the Mother Intervention crashed landed, he defected and joined with Agent Camelot and became one of the Knights of the Nine, taking the identification of Akatosh.

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