Jethro Song
Name: Jethro Song
Affiliations: Freelancer
First Appearance: RP: The Freelancer Chronicles
Armor Color(s): Primary: Red Secondary: Steel
Occupation(s): Assassin; Weapon and Hand to Hand Combat Expert
Weapon(s): Shotgun; Energy Sword
Voice Actor: Cyrus Arc

Doctor Jethro Song, known in Freelancer as Agent Colorado or Col. Is a long-time agent of Project of Freelancer, partner of Captain Luke Noble , and cousin of Blood Gulch soldier Alexander Song.


Col's AI is Xi, a nice AI that was fragmented from the Alpha's Compassion. He helps maintain Col's armor enhancement, which is an unlocker. This enhancement can unlock and door, and crack any password on a computer.


Col uses a Shotgun as his primary weapon, and an Energy Sword as a secondary.


Col's partner, Ark, has been with him since the very beginning. they both went on many successful missions, and were high up in ranking, but not high enough to be on the top. They did not care, and simply enjoyed each other's company. They became like brothers, and witnessed the sudden fall of Freelancer. They did not receive AI, but as they attempted to escape the burning ship of the Mother of Invention, two AI found their way to them. Col was inhabited by Xi, and Ark by Psi. Since then they became mercenaries on hire for the UNSC.

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