Classified Project Freelancer Training Facility
The 'Jungle Gym'




Live & Operational

The Jungle Gym acts as the first seen training facility revealed in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives. It appears in Season One in 'I'm a Gay Robot'. The Jungle Gym is the location where the Agents tested their initiative abilities to extensive amounts for the first time.


The 'Jungle Gym' Training Facility is a training facility built by the UNSC as per the request of Project Freelancer. The facility no longer has any tie with the UNSC and is now completely operational and under the command of Project Freelancer. The facility contains a series of training courses and initiative runs. However, the most significant training location in the facility is the 'Jungle Gym' arena itself.

The Arena is an incredibly massive training course with walls that stretch at least a kilometer long forming the outside of the training ring. Agents must climb a rope net on one of the walls to enter the facility. The roof is a net and thick material that blocks the sun. The 'Jungle Gym' within the walls is a massive labyrinth containing: high and low walls, wooden fort structures, environmental hazards, ponds and rivers, snipers nests, respawn points, bridges, armories and nets. The multi-terrain course allows for Agents to fight against each other in firefights using paintball guns. Technology has allowed for the Agents to fire on each other, if an agent is hit with the paint they will feel little pain. However, if hit, their guns will lock down until they reach a respawn point to bring themselves back into the game.

The location of the base is kept classified so that very few personnel actually know where in the known universe the facility can be found. It has been described as a massive military base situated in the middle of a barren desert wasteland, full of activity.

Role in PlotEdit

The first instance that the Jungle Gym is utilized the male Agents are pitted up against the female agents, a 3:1 difference with males including more agents. After several hours of 'battle' Agent Oklahoma managed to come up with a maneuver that would prevent the males from respawning (by permanently covering them and their respawn points in paint). The game then ended prematurely, with Agent Carolina coming first, Agent Georgia taking second place, Oklahoma in third, Rhode Island in fourth and Virginia in fifth.


  • The 'Jungle Gym' facility made it's first appearance of another name in the legitimized Red vs. Blue miniseries 'Out of Mind' part 2, in a flashback.

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