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Kappa A.I. Terminal
The A.I. Terminal used by Kappa to have full access to Blue Base Alpha-17A electrical systems and computers
Title(s) None
Nickname(s) None
Alias Compassion, Love
Armor Color Pink
Species Human
Weapon(s) Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Pistol
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) '
Former Affiliation(s) '
  • Project Freelancer
Occupation(s) '
  • Software Infiltration
  • Armor Enhancement Usage
  • Peace Talk
Personal Status
Status Active
First Appearance The A.I. Kappa
Music Theme None
Voice Actor None
Image Gallery

Kappa is a Artificial Intelligence fragment of the Alpha AI of female programming. She represents the Alpha's compassion and love, and was taken from A.I. Containment Facility by Captain Lux Chapel of the Alpha Blues. Chapel was able to actually stabilize her, and was able to become like her brethren AI fragments that was successful. Thankful that Lux got her out, and able to "repair" her, she became a close friend and companion to Lux, and a semi-friend to the Alpha Blues. Oddly enough, she is also the AI that allows Lux to use the Strength Boost and the Active Camouflage armor enhancements on the field.

Kappa is the key role in the Kappa Saga, and also in the Forerunner Saga of the Alpha Red VS Alpha Blue series.


As Alpha's love and compassion, she is a caring and kind AI. She always reminds Lux to check all vitals of his Alpha Blues, and she always sync with all the soldiers who's with Lux, making sure they are healthy and clean. When she does try to insult and be menacing, it seems to backfire as she used caring words for it. Making it sound odd to the enemy. And to everyone around her.

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