Church Card

Church taking cover in his file.

Leonard Church is a squad leader in the Sector 117, and an expeirenced soldier.


Joining the ArmyEdit

"If being in the army means not being surrounded by idiots, than so be it!"
—Church at a recruitment office.

When he was eighteen, Church had some anger managment issues, and got into a barfight because of it. Hurt and confused, he fled to his home, where he was kicked out for drinking. Wandering around, he finally got found a military recruitment center, joining it on the spot. During training, he met Allison "Tex". While records off their relationship are unkonwn, Church later was assigned to Sector 177 as part of the Navy Seals, participating in multiple exercises.


For reasons still unkown, Church was put in military jail before the aliens attacked Earth. He was released by his squad, and joined them in the search for Spec Ops.

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