Name: Lopez
Affiliations: Marine Raiders
First Appearance: World War Blue Trailer
Armor Color(s): No Armor
Occupation(s): Pvt.
Weapon(s): Thompson, M1911
Relative(s): None
Voice Actor: {{{voice_actor}}}

Lopez is set to be a main character in Red vs. Blue: World War Blue. Hes is an illegal Mexican Immigrant in the Marine Raiders.

Role In PlotEdit

Early LifeEdit

Life in the USEdit

Lopez was eventually caught by the United States Government and was forced to either get full citizenship or be deported. When he failed the American Citizenship test he was given two choices. Be deported or join the military. He chose the military.


Fight through GermanyEdit


Marines RaidersEdit


Lopez and Sarge have a great releationship even if Sarge can't understand Lopez.

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