Major Ashley Rehl is a member of the UNSC Army and joined Commander Carter Drake in his hunt to find Vazov, a rogue freelancer who is using the 'Reaper' to avenge the UNSC for killing his wife in a bombing run in Ukraine. He is the daughter of Admiral Jeremy Rehl, Commanding Officer of the UNSC Hastings and Technical Sergeant Janice Miller, a member of Tactical Air Control Party. She is also the lover of Drake and fell in love with him on the Alpha Halo.

Ashley Rehl
Name: Ashley Rehl
Affiliations: UNSC Army
First Appearance: Agent Jersey, Chapter 3
Armor Color(s): White, Maroon
Occupation(s): Major
Weapon(s): Needler, Pistol
Relative(s): Janice Miller (Mother), Jeremy Rehl (Father)
Armor Enhancement: Sprint
Voice Actor: Kym Hoy (If anyone wanted to make a film adaption of Agent Jersey, which is highly unlikely.)

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