Mark Nutt's Casino
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The Perth Casino District




Withstanding and Lively

Mark Nutt's Casino is a massive casino located in the Perth gabling district in Western Australia. It is named after the English Olympic Archer of the same name. It was first shown in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives Episode One: Killed in Action.


Mark Nutt's casino is massive, this suggests two things: the owner is extremely wealthy, and that it gets lots of clients and patrons. The casino itself is only briefly descibed. Series writer Agent_Rhode has confirmed that it was an upscale building with at least two to four storeys of slot machines. Several other neighbouring complexes still belonging to the Mark Nutt's casino contained differents styles of gambling, such as Blackjack, Poker and Liar's Dice.

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The Casino from the sky

In one of the buildings there is a long and windy dark hallway. At the end, a bouncer guarded doorway that leads to a private high stakes illegal gambling poker game. It should be imagined someting of a poorly lit room with one hanging lightbulb from the ceiling.

Role in PlotEdit

The Nevada IncidentEdit

In an attempt to gain a massive profit the soon-to-be Agent Nevada arrived at the casino. He joined the High Stakes Game but was eventually caught for cheating. One of the other players pulled a gun on him, which Nevada disarmed before continuing the fight with the other players. He began looting the unconscious bodies for money when the bouncer entered at which point Nevada casually grabbed the pistol and fired it somewhere behind him killing the guard. With the money he gained Nevada left the casino ready for a fight. Some time later he was recruited by UNSC organisation Project Freelancer.


  • The choice for using Mark Nutt's name came from the running joke of using Mark Nutt's name in Rooster Teeth Productions.
    • This was personally reinforced by Rooster Teeth employee Gavin Free
    • Gavin Free is also responsible for the running joke People Like Grapes which was used for this series as well.

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