Martinez peered out the window. All that he could see below him was water, water, and more water. He didn't really know much about the place that he was being transfered to. Someplace called Blood Gulch, at least that's what the pilot had said. It was a bit strange. One minute you're sitting around at the base at Issolation, the next you're being shipped off the an area foreign to you. Lawrence didn't know how the new squad he was going to be working with would be. He hoped that at the very least they were nicer than the crew at Issolation.

"Pilot, are we there yet?" asked Martinez. The pilot facepalmed. Martinez had been asking him that same question every 30 minutes since they left Issolation. It was going to be a relief to finally get him off his Pelican.

"Give it a few minutes, it won't be long," replied the pilot. Martinez picked up his chaingun. It had served him well in the past. He hoped that it would be serving him well in the future. Lawrence took another look out the window. In a few seconds, the water he saw was starting to be replaced by grass. He was finally at Blood Gulch. The back door opened, Lawrence saw the canyon and was amazed at the sight of it. The co-pilot walked over to Martinez.

"Alright, due to concerns about being attacked by soldiers from Red Team and having our Pelican stolen, you're going to have to jump down to the ground yourself," the co-pilot lied. He just didn't want to have to deal with Martinez any longer than he had to, plus Martinez would probably get a little hurt upon landing.

"Well, that makes sense, I guess," replied Martinez. Martinez took his place at the edge. The co-pilot handed Martinez his bag containing his flamethrower, rocket launcher, and his DMR. "Alright then, I'm going to count to three, then I'm going to jump. One..." The co-pilot did not give Lawrence time to finish counting and simply tapped Lawrence in the shoulder, causing him to tip forward and fall out. Landing on the ground with a thud, Lawrence stood up and dusted himself off, showing no signs of injury. The Pelican turned around and began to fly away. Lawrence waved at the Pelican yelling, "Goodbye! I hope we see each other again someday!."

Lawrence turned to his new base. He took in a deep breath, a breath of the fresh air of his new home. Picking his bag up off of the ground, Lawrence walked torwards the base, ready to greet his new teammates.

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