Michael Orion
Michael OrionOrion upon being commissioned
Name: Michael Orion
Affiliations: Recovery Force
First Appearance: RP: The Forgotten
Armor Color(s): Red and Grey
Occupation(s): Recovery Agent
Weapon(s): DMR, Sniper Rifle
Relative(s): N/A
Armor Enhancement: M/A
Voice Actor: MrFluffman
"It's funny. When they first told me it was gonna be a simple assignment... I believed them. Man, was I a dumb f---!"
—Orion upon Nova's death.

Michael Orion​also known as Recovery Seven, is the leader of the Recovery Squad Nine, a cynic, and a natural leader. Odd combination.


Little is known of Orion's early life, though his father worked in ONI for several years, before serving as a medic in the Red vs Blue Program. He always wanted his son to become a soldier for the Project, and often gave him basic training lessons.

When Michael turned 18, he joined the Project and was made a member of the Recovery Force. He was assigned to Recovery Squad 10, and met a woman known as Alia Nova, Recovery 14. They grew closer during their missions in the squad, and where eventually put on a seperate team.

However, things quickly went wrong on their first mission, in which they were trapped by Insserectionist forces. Nova gave her life to save Michael, an act for which he has never forgiven himself. He became the leader of Recovery Squad Nine for his heroic actions, and was promoted to Captain.


Notable QuotesEdit

"Nortan, see anything in the rifle?"
"No, but I did beat my initials in the rocks."
—An odd conversation between Michael and Norton.

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