Drafted is the trailer for Red vs Blue: Mud and Mire. It was released December 23rd, 2011.


The recruiting sergeant looked sceptically over the old man who stood before him. Despite his age, he was incredibly fit, with muscles visible underneath the black shirt he wore.

"So, get on with it!" the man said, "will you except me or not?"

"There's a slight problem with your age..."

"So what! The poster said all you needed to be was fit!" The man had a point. With reluctance, the recruiter slammed a stamp on his forms.

A fat guy walked angrily and steadily to the recruiters office. The sergeant looked up again, then quickly saw the guy's belly.

"Sign me up," the guy said angrily.

"Sorry sir," the recruiter said, "don't appear to have the physical capabilities." The man looked furious.

"Just sign me up," he hissed, raising a fist. Suddenly there came a comotion from the crowd behind them. An Irish, red-haired guy pushed his way through the crowd.

"Grif!" he cried, elbowing past the final citizen and then reaching the fat guy, presumably Grif.

"What do you want, Simmons?" Grif said, looking at the Irish man.

Simmons briefly opened his mouth, then quickly took in the booth and the recruiting sergeant. "Are you crazy?!" he yelled, "you'll be killed."

"So?" Grif said, seemingly oblivious to his friend's protests. Simmons shook his head, and thought for a minute. Finally, he walked over and said the recruiter:

"Sign us both up," to Grif he said, "if you get killed, it's not because I didn't tell you so."

The sun sets quickly in London, and tonight was no exception. The small recruiter's booth was almost abandoned, with most people off to bed. However, a lone blonde walked his way up slowly towards the booth, were a lone recruiter sat.

The recruiter looked at the blonde. "You want to join up?" he asked. The blonde nodded, and the recruiter went to get the papers. When he returned, the blonde was still nodding.

"You okay?" he asked. The blonde stopped nodding, began again. The recruiter rolled his eyes and slid the papers across.

The black-haired, blue-eyed man waited silently around the corner until the blonde was gone, than whisked over quickly.

"The same as him," he said, eyes darting around as though someone might leap out of shadows and attack him. The recruiter didn't say anything, just went to get a new set of papers.

As the recruiter was finally packing up, yet another man approached him. This man was black, with fluffy hair and glasses.

"Hey, man," he said cheerfully, "I'd like to join up." He winked, almost playfully. The recruiter rolled his eyes and rolled some papers over.

"Thanks-" the man said, then looked at the recruiter's name tag, "Andy."

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