Nathan Tucker is a Part of the Recovery Agents who were shot down and left in a desert while delivering a Package to Freelancer Headquarters. He is "Recovery 3". Now, they must build a shelter, attempt to escape with the Package, and most of all, discover what shot them down.


Nathan Tucker




Recovery Agent


Shotgun, Magnum

Voice Actor

Brogan Mclean

First Appearance

RP: The Forgotten

Helljumper with Shotgun

Nathans Recovery armour

Nathan Tucker joined the Recovery Force as his father used to be in the old Recovery Force. He enjoys his work and is the pilot of the pelican when it gets shot down.

Missions on the Recovery ForceEdit

On a Mission to an Earth Colony called Harvest Nathan met who later become his best friend and teammate in Alpha Team, Kalani Grif who aided the Recovery Force on the Harvest mission.

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