Nights Out is an upcoming series by Sniperteam82308. It focuses on a group of soldiers stationed at Timberland. It will focus primarily on the two teams while they are on leave, however some battles will be present. It is unknown when it is set to air.


Red TeamEdit

Blue TeamEdit


Episode 1: UntitledEdit

The soldiers wrap up their most recent battle and begin to make plans for the night.

Epsiode 2: UntitledEdit

The soldiers go out for a night on the town.


This series will be quite different from the others as it will occasionally air an Ask... episode. In Ask... episodes questions from the audiance will be chosen, and in turn answered by the characters. You can ask any of the characters a question or ask a group of characters a question. So please LEAVE QUESTIONS! :D

Ask... Episode 1: Ask... Episode 1Edit

The community asks questions and the characters answer them! :D


  • It is known that the characters from Red vs. Blue: Reliving Blood Gulch will be seen in this series. Whether it be in cameo or full appearance is unknown.
  • Other major locations confirmed are Highlands, Breakneck, High Noon, and Boardwalk.
  • Many characters are named after, and share the personalities of friends, relatives, or in a realationship with the creator.
  • The largest amount of humor that will come from this series are the changing attitudes of the characters towards one another when on and off shift.

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