One Life Remaining is the second episode of Red vs Blue: Sidewinder. It is one of the greatest hits of the series. It makes a referance to the Alpha's imprisonment on Sidewinder.


It begins in a Flooded cavern, with Infection Forms scrambling around. A tentacle slowly pulls Tex, now with a helmet on, towards a large Gravemind...

Meanwhile, a crashed Pelican lies smoking on the ground. The door opens and the Reds slowly exit, arguing about Grif's lousy driving. The Blues, lead by Tucker, then Caboose, and finally Churhc dismount.

"I am serious," Tucker says, angry, "I think I should- Church!"

Caboose and Tucker turn around, to see Church collapse. They rush over, with Tucker bending over, "He's mumbling something... or is he?"

They lean down, and Church's rambling is heard: "somuchpainsomuchpainmakeitstopcan'tgoonsomuchpainthedirectortexalphaepisolonsomuchpainnomorenomorenomorenomore."

"'So much pain'?" Tucker asks, standing up, scratching his head, "The Director, Alpha? What the heck is he talking about?"

Church gives a jerk and slowly pulls himself back up with a "GHAA!" He stands up. "Ohhh... what happened? I just sniffed the air, and then suddenly every nerve was on fire, I was seeing things... what the?"

A black figure breifly appears (similar to Epsilon's visions), and jogs away. Church stares at it for a moment. Tucker pokes him. "Dude," he says, "what are those?"

The Reds and Blues appear, seeing thousands of Flood running toward them.

To be continued...

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