"Project Double Up will test a Freelancers skill and compliance to work togther as a team". - The Director explaining Project Double Up

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Project Double Up is a splinter organisation for Project Freelancer that has two Freelancers with experimental suits that can only be activated each others armor ability, meaning they have to always work together on missions. They also had there names changed from American States to Australian States or islands to show that they are different. These teams were sent on missions to eliminate leaders or high ranks members of the Insurrectionist. The first two Freelancers to be enducted into the project were Agents Tasmania and New South Wales who became a very formidable team.

First major mission Edit

Project Double up had its first major mission when Agents San Diego, California and Missouri all went rouge and joined the Insurrectionists with all the Project Freelancer secrets they could find. After many single freelancer missions failed The Director sent as many members of Project Double Up as he could to hunt down the Insurrectionists and the rouge freelancers.



Tasmania and New South Wales

Victoria and Queensland

West Australia and South Australia (KIA)

Norfolk and Australian Capital (A.C) 

Lord Howe (KIA) and Christmas (KIA)

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