A series I'm doing, which adapts my comic book into RvB format. Enter the life of Agent Philadelphia, also known by his friends as Wraith, for his ability to make himself nearly invisible.

Issue #1: "No Man's Land"Edit

On the outskirsts of a Innsurectionist base, a white armored soldier appeared as if from nowhere. He smiled beneath his helmet, and pulled out a small pin grenade, cocking it and tossing it towards the three guards in front. The gaurds stumbled over themselves trying to stop it, and soon, it detonated, killing them. The soldier jumped down, stepped over their bodies, and slid into the warehouse.

Several Days Earlier....Edit

Agent Philadelphia, nicknamed Wraith by his friends, walked around the control room as the battle in the training room below commenced. Agent Washington and the others kept staring out, while Wraith continued his never stopping pacing.

Four Freelancers where going at it in the middle of the room, exchanging shots from paint-filled guns, and the other Agents in the room stayed glued to the viewports, absorbed in what was happening. Wraith snorted beneath his helmet.


Wraith jumped past the security detectors, smiling as he continued his way through the facility. Suddenly he stopped as it felt like someone had punched him in the chest. He looked down at it and was shocked to see blood spilling. Grunting, he pressed a button on his keypad before falling to the floor, chocking and coughing.

Issue #2: "Backup"Edit

Coming Soon! For more of Wraith's adventures, check out the upcoming Hyperion Comics website!

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