This is the dedication page to all of those who have been involved with the story of Project Freelancer: Rebirth. This series has been going on for over a year and we should hope that it continues to grow.

Thank you to all that have contributed to the story;Edit

More coming soon......

Message from DJEdit

Alright let me start with how gratefull I am to be on this site, and thank you all for letting me even join Project Freelancer: Rebirth.

A special thanks to Hunter that arrogant fuck. <3 He's the reason I'm here and the mastermind behind this original idea. He's been my friend for years now and I was second guessing him when he told me I should join this site. I love it.

Thank you for the patience you all have. I know it might seem as if I were lazy for the delay in the publishing in the latest story chapters. I feel as if we have lost interest of you people once I joined. There is not many active users (Well, active with the story) and I feel is if it is my fault. I have been busy with life, and I had very little time to produce chapters for this story. Hunter has no excuse; as he is just lazy. (:P)  I think I am the main story writer as of right now. Again, sorry for the delay. I think I am back from my hiatus.

Special thanksEdit

DarkCrusade: for creating the characters New Hampshire, Hawaii, North Carolina, and for being an active user who has contributed a lot to the story, and has helped us a real lot.

Sniper: for creating the website, and Wyoming. Also for sticking around with PFL:R.

Cypher: for Arkansas and Nevada. And a bunch of other pages that have to do with our story... For being a good friend, and sticking with this story for as long as he had.

Pwn: For Carolina, The Legacy of York, Nevada, the Hertz family, eticca. Pwn has played a major role in PFL:R. I personaly thank him for all his contributions, with helping out with the story and expanding it's size. He has a good talent with writing. He has been one of the few who actually stood with the story since the beginning and has been a big help. Thank you.

That's all.

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