York: *Picks up phone*

Counselor: Sorry Agent York, but the Drug Cartel has returned.

York: *Gasps*

Counslor: They're here to collect their dues.

Wash: But, we just payed them last week!

North: Guys, I've been working these books all week, and I can't find any money! We can't this type of finanical crisis right now, especially not after hiring Ben Afleck to clean our floors

Ben Afleck: I write, and I'm multi talented

  • Knocking on the door*



Spanish Wash: Si (Yes)

Spanish York: We've come for our money

York: But, we don't have it!

Spanish Wash: Oh, no bueno!

Wash: Can't we work out a deal?

Spanish North: *To Wash* Que estas pensando? (What are you thinking?)

Spanish York: Well, we could really use a good fianancial planner. Incase of an accedent, you can never be too careful.

York: Oh, we have a financial planner!

Spanish York: Then, we will make a trade.

York: So, what are trading for?

Spanish North: Yo naci par esto! (I was born for this!)

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