Red VS Blue - The Lost Worlds Trilogy is a fan-made version of the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth seasons of Red VS Blue, written by Taylor Manton. This series follows on from The End, the finale of the official Red VS Blue Season Thirteen. The series sees the return of Kaikaina "Sister" Grif and Junior Tucker to the series' main characters.

Cast Edit

Blood Gulch Crew Edit

  • Geoff Ramsey as Captain Dexter Grif
  • Joel Heyman as Captain Michael J. Caboose
  • Jason Saldaña as Captain Lavernius Tucker
  • Gustavo Sorola as Captain Richard "Dick" Simmons
  • Matt Hullum as Colonel Sarge
  • Dan Godwin as Private Franklin Delano Donut
  • Matt Hullum as Medical Officer Super Private First Class Frank DuFresne AKA "Doc"
  • Burnie Burns as Lopez the Heavy
  • Kyle Taylor as Junior Tucker
  • Rebecca Frasier as Private Kaikaina Grif AKA "Sister"
  • Shannon McCormick as Ex-Agent Washington of Project Freelancer
  • Jen Brown as Ex-Agent Carolina of Project Freelancer
  • Shane Newville as Freckles
  • Arryn Zech as Dr. Emily Grey

Fragmented Epsilon Unit Edit

  • Burnie Burns as Fragmented Epsilon AKA "Epsilon 2.0"
  • Mark Bellman as Fragmented Epsilon Delta Memory
  • Burnie Burns as Fragmented Epsilon Theta Memory
  • Mac OS X voice synthesizer-system voice "Fred" as Fragmented Epsilon Gamma Memory
  • Burnie Burns as Fragmented Epsilon Omega Memory
  • Fragmented Epsilon Eta Memory
  • Fragmented Epsilon Iota Memory
  • Elijah Wood as Fragmented Epsilon Sigma Memory

Charon Industries Edit

  • Jack Lee as Malcolm Hargrove
  • Yomary Cruz as F.I.L.S.S

The Greens Edit

  • Burnie Burns as Commander Ryan AKA "Green"

The Purples Edit

  • Burnie Burns as Commander Rickon AKA "Purple"

The Browns Edit

  • Kathleen Zuelch as Commander Reiley AKA "Brown"

Episodes Edit

Season Fourteen Edit

  1. Epsilon?
  2. Wait... What?
  3. The End (Of the Universe. Seriously, the Season Just Sarted.)
  4. Fragments
  5. Red VS Red
  6. Blue VS Blue
  7. The Locals
  8. Green With Anger?
  9. Brown? Your Colour's the Colour of-
  10. Time to Shine
  11. A Man of the Military
  12. Expelled
  13. I Hate That I Don't Hate You
  14. Blood For Blood
  15. A Hostage Situation
  16. Michael
  17. Tell Junior
  18. A Black Hole's a Good Way to Go...
  19. Reconstruction
  20. We Forgot About the Meta...

Story Edit

With the Reds and Blues on Hargrove's ship and surrounded by enemies, things do not look good for the Blood Gulch Crew. Hargrove, however, is the least of their problems. After a series of events that may or may not have been accidentally initiated by Caboose, they find themselves stranded in uncolonised space...

Having to co-exist with their enemy the Reds and Blues are not without their battle scars. Back on Chorus, Washington, Carolina and the two missing Blues; Kaikana Grif and Tucker Junior, are leading the exploration mission to find the universe's greatest heroes.

But will there be anything left to find once the Reds and Blues land on an uncharted planet inhabited by hostiles?

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