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Red vs Blue: Mud and Mire is a story written by MrFluffman. The story offers a new take on the Red and Blue teams, this time in the battlefields of France, WWII.


Set in 1944, Mud and Mire takes place during the battlefields at France. The conflict: between the Americans (Red Team), and the British (Blue Team), who are competing for who can liberate the beseiged country to quickest. Meanwhile, an Elite special force known as the Freelancers aslo appear, with a mission of their own.


Red Team (Americans)Edit

  • Sargeant Michael "Sarge" Racoon- Leader
  • Super Private Richard "Dick" Simmons- Butt kisser
  • Junior Private Negative 1st Class* Dexter "Dex" Grif- fat guy
  • Private Franklin Delano Donut- Wierdo
*= rank obtained through Freelancer authorityEdit

Blue Team (British)Edit

  • Captain Leonard L. Church- Leader, Sour Puss
  • Private Lavernius Tucker- Lady's Man*, Second-in-Command*
  • Private Michael J. Caboose- Second-in-Command*, Church's Best Friend
*= Self-proclaimedEdit

Freelancers Edit

  • Agent Texas
  • Agent Washington
  • Agent Maine/Meta
  • Dr. Leonard Church
  • Agent Carolina
  • Agent York
  • Phyllis


  • O'Malley/Omega- Nazi Commander in area
  • Delta- Double Agent
  • Epsilon- ?

Episodes Edit

Theme SongEdit

Season OneEdit

Episode 0: DraftedEdit

  • Release Date: December 23rd, 2011

A short montage describing how each soldier was drafted. Trailer.

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