A new series by MrFluffman! New episodes every Saturday!





0. TrailerEdit

The show opens up with it's first big shocker.

1. I Really Hate AdventuresEdit

The series begins as a clash of Freelancers shakes Sidewinder for ever, as well as the RvB crew preparing for takeoff.

2. One Life RemainingEdit

As the Reds and Blues battle a mysterious parasite, Tucker makes a discovery that will change Sidewinder's future.

3. In Amber CladEdit

With one major injury, the Reds and Blues seek shelter, and where the heck is Church?!

4. The SymphonyEdit

Church and Tex reminance, as the Covenant and the parasite clash!

5. Life on the InsideEdit

The teams discover a shocking revelation as Tex and Church attempt to escape the Gravemind.

6. Prison BreakEdit

Tucker creates an alliance with the Elites as Tex and Church get lost in the tunnels.

7. Never ForgetEdit

The end draws closer as Church and Tex, presumed dead, are avenged by the Reds, Blues, Elites, and the UNSC.

8. Unknown SoldierEdit

Slightly based on the song by Breaking Benjamin. Three massive armies clash as Church and Tex reach the surface.

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