Trailer for Season Two of Rumble Pit!


(Camera pans over Forge World, showing various maps, then heads upward. Flash of light, and it shows Anchor Nine. Two players are standing by one of the windows, one white and one black.)

Wyoming: How was the tournament?

Tex: Don't act like you don't know. It was all over the local news.

Wyoming: The Director is still not pleased you brought in your... friend. Less because of your.... reward.

Tex: He can deal with it.

Wyoming: This will reflect badly on what happens to you.

Tex: How did he join Bungie if he didn't mind stuff like this?

Wyoming: By the way, I have really got to get that dog's head.

Tex: Ha ha.

Wyoming: O'Malley comes.

(Sign flashes 'WorldDomination360 has joined the game. A half-camoed soldier walks in.)

O'Malley: I just got out of a meeting with the director.

Tex: Don't you start.

O'Malley: I must concur with Wyoming. However, I have one question.

Tex: Shoot.

O'Malley: Will you still be seeing your... friend?

Tex: ... Maybe.

O'Malley: Good. Things are going exactly as planned.

(As O'Malley laughs and walks away, the camera pans out, showing the whole station. It turns to the planet below, catching the sun as the logo flashes with the words, Season Two, coming soon!)

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