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The amazing cover!

RvB: Agents of Chaos is an ongoing series by TheWhiteWraith, along with FenixMarathon. It is an Alternate Universe.


Welcome to the world of safe-cracking, getting whipped in the balls, and having underwater sex (and just about anywhere else, too.) In other words, welcome to the life of the secret agent. With the Red Agency and the Blue Agency forced to compete, things quickly go to crap. Who knew that one mission would change the world forever? Funny, this world is suprisingly lifelike.

Theme SongEdit


Sorry to mooch off of MrFluffman's taste of music, but this song is The Diary of Jane from Breaking Benjamin!


1. A Very Brief BriefingEdit

Church and Tucker argue about the life of the secret agent, Grif and Simmons rage about their unfair boss, and the Director has plans for his new "Freelancer" division.

2. Hard WiredEdit

The Blues are dropped into enemy territory, but things go to crap when Agent Washington decides to show up. Meanwhile, the Reds argue about Donut.

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