My first fanfiction. Basically I thought that what if the Reds and Blues where transported to the Mainframe, like in Tron. Not sure when this takes place.

Chapter 1Edit

"Hey Church." "What?" "Come see what Caboose dug up." Sighing, Church left his post on the roof of Blue Base and began running towards Tucker. Reaching a small area of Blue Base that he and Tucker had designated "the Playground" Caboose was standing proudly by a small machine. Church groaned and got closer. He saw Tucker looking it over.

"What's up?" Church said. "You won't believe this," Tucker replied, "but I think Caboose actually found something important." Curious, Church leaned down. As he grew closer, he heard Tucker say, "What does this button do?" "NO!" Church managed to say before a lens on the machine flashed to life and everything went dark.

Tucker watched as Church froze, then disappeared. Looking over carefully, he made sure Church wasn't pulling a prank. Caboose was even more upset. "Where's Church whereschurchwereschurchwereschurch..." the blue soldier stammered over and over. Tucker sighed, pressed the button again. This time the light struck Caboose, and the same thing happened. Glad for some peace and queit, Tucker leaned back, accidently pushing the lens towards him while pushing the button at the same time. "Oh crap," he said, as the lens flashed.


Church woke up slowly. He pulled himself up, then stared around. His mouth dropped open as a fantastic landscape. Everything seemed chrome-like, with neon lights flashing all around. He looked up, hoping to see the sky. Their was none, only a blackness. "Hello Church" came a voice to his right. He spun around, only to see a green soldier staring politely at him. "Delta," he said from memory, "what are you doing here?" "This is the mainframe. Why wouldn't I be here?" "Mainframe? Like that stupid Tron movie?" "I wouldn't call it stupid. Inaccurate, maybe. But still, I'm glad you're here." "Why?" "We need help." Delta turned around and walked away. Having no other choice, Church followed.


Tucker's head hurt, and he pulled himself up from the chrome-like floor. A neon light flashed into his eyes, and for a moment Tucker thought that he was staring into one of Junior's little lights. But he wasn't. He looked up, and a clear-ish soldier was standing, hands behind his back, at the similar landscape below. "Who are you?" Tucker asked. The soldier turned around, and the expression on his face told Tucker easily. "Omega, ohcrapohcrap," he said, rapidly pushing himself back. "Stop," Omega said, and Tucker stopped. "Normally, this would be a perfect time for revenge, but we have a problem. Or rather, the Mainframe has a problem." "Mainframe, like-" "Yes, like that mentally challenged Tron movie. We need help."

Chapter TwoEdit

Coming Soon!

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