Red vs Blue: Mortal Kombat is a fanfiction crossover and alternate universe, utilizing the vast array of amazing characters on this site and making them the characters in the Mortal Kombat Series they most closely resemble. There will also be various, non-canon original characters who will appear only in this fanfiction. Sit back and enjoy the story!


Days in Blood Gulch were long, hot and boring. That was until that old man showed up. And forced the Reds and Blues into a fight for their lives. Will all of them survive? Or will they succumb to the onslaught?


Chapter 1: Introductions, Richard Maddox.Edit

The Reds and Blues find themselves forced in a tournament that could either result in the freedom or destruction of their Earth. Richard Maddox steps up to the plate to fight first.


  • The chapters took inspiration from MKvsDCU and MK9, with the titles showing which character would be emphasized in.
  • The characters on the site were compared to the characters who appear as the main playable ones in the new MK game, and were chosen due to how close their personality was.

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