Montana, AKA Dragonlord, is the team CQC expert. weilding his shotgun to an effective degree, he has killed countless enemies with his shotgun. sometimes he even refers to it as his "precious".

Agent Montana
Name: Agent Montana
Affiliations: Project Freelancer Omega Squad
First Appearance:  ?
Armor Color(s): Primary: Black

Secondary: Sage

Occupation(s): Freelancer
Weapon(s): Handgun, Shotgun
Relative(s): Classified
Armor Enhancement: Drop Sheild, Time Distortion
Voice Actor: none

He went with Nevada, New Jersey and Colorado, meeting several of the "Original" Freelancers (I.E. Wash, C.T. Etc.) on a grim assignment to catch the 'Meta' who later joins Omega squad briefly before betraying them.

Early LifeEdit

Montana isn't one to count his wins.Ever since his first active duty, Montana decided that medals where worth nothing, because they can't save a life. Having some difficulties with his A.I. Beta, but other than that, he is as good a soldier as ever!

Blood GulchEdit

"BETA, NOW!!!!!"
—Montana staging an ambush with Beta

Montana's first mission was a stealth-ops.he was given the task of infiltrating an ONI base which was being held by The Insurrection. To this day he cannot talk about what he saw in the facility, but by the looks of it, something spooked him bad. and when Freelancers, even if trainees, are spooked, there's a problem.


"HALT, don't move!"
—Montana to Nevada in a training op.

Montana is the teams Infiltraton expert.He can pick a lock, decode a transmission and jump any soldier he feels like.He was actually put in court martial for a month due to him jumping The director for laughs.

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